Supervision Services

Welcome to Dublin-therapy Supervision page.

As a Supervisior I am commited to being supportive,accessible and approachable. I also place a strong emphasis on developing a good working  relationship with Supervisees in which there is an ethical and structured alliance, that provides the space to be creative in exploring client work. It is important to work with a Supervisor whom you feel comfortable with and offers you the best service for you and your client work.  Its not always possible. To determine that by looking at a website.  If you would like to consider working with me  I am offering you a 30 minute inital session for free so you can get a stronger sense of my supervision practice.  I can also do this initial session by skype if that suits you better.  Please email me to arrange this.

Supervision for Students

Seeing clients as a student can be both exciting and challanging.  It is important to find good supportive Supervision with a stong focus on learning the skills of  therapy.  I provide a safe warm and supportive enviroment using many creative tools such as art and sandplay, also clinical papers to keep up to date with the latest research in all areas of psychotherapy.

Supervision for Preaccredited Therapists

lets face it the only place you are really going to be able to continue you learning journey is in your supervision.  As you begin your 450 hours for accreditation you have already been working with a Supervisor so by now you know what works for you and what doesnt.  Picking a Supervisor you can be comfortable with and one who can help you start to consider what kind of therapist you want to be.  I am very interest in helping my Supervisees development across all aspects of practice including how to get referral probably the hardest part of doing this job.

Supervision for accredited Therapists

Now you have settled into your practice the focus of Supervision turns to having a long term plan for learning and support. The yearly challange of CPDs and thinking through what courses and further reading you may need to do.  This is best done at your Supervision where you can decide what best suits your needs.  I am strong on development support and have done a lot of organisation consultancy along with twenty years of practice so i know what it takes to make psychotherapy a successful business.