Relationship problems

Relationship problems come in all shapes and sizes – no surprise to you, I am sure.
Here are some of the problems, in no particular order; I have treated couples for most, during more than 17 years of couple/marriage counselling /psychotherapy experience.

  • Affairs/infidelity/cheating
  • Sexual problems, loss of libido
  • Treating each other with contempt/constant arguing
  • Unrealistic expectation of each other
  • Difficulties with intimacy/feeling too close or too distant
  • Struggling with communication/not feeling understood
  • Thinking life would be better if you were no longer together
  • Long-term stress or illness putting a strain on your relationship

It is very likely that there are a number of these issues are present when you have relationship problems or marriage trouble.
I work with couples together in session. There are times when I see each person individually for a number of sessions but always working towards coming together.

Some couples come to therapy with one or the other saying they have decided they want to separate, and through working on their relationship they can work out their problems. If however even through therapy they still decide to end their relationship the therapy space can offer them a place to negotiate, especially if there are children involved.

If you feel that your relationship could benefit from couples therapy you can contact me on 0872210775 for an appointment or Email me at for further information.