Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about Counselling and Psychotherapy.

What is Counselling/Psychotherapy?

Counselling is a one to one relationship. Its purpose is to provide a safe and supportive environment to enable you to talk about issues and experiences which have affected you in your life.

How does counselling/psychotherapy help?

Counselling/psychotherapy helps by giving you a space to talk about your feelings. It can be a huge relief to know that what you are feeling is normal and that you are not going mad. Most people struggle with powerful or unexpected feelings which for most are ‘normal feelings’ in relation to ‘abnormal circumstances’ not the other way around.

Why do people seek therapy?

The real benefit of getting things off your chest in a situation which has caused it, is to avoid the disastrous consequences of not doing so. If you believe that your problems exist outside of yourself or are caused by some other force or agency there is no weight for therapy, if the problem is ‘out there’ why then should you change. The problem is rarely’ out there’. The people who seek therapy are usually those who know the problem is inside them and with help, support and the opportunity to talk they can develop new ways to manage their lives better.

What about confidentiality?

Here at Dublin-therapy we take great care to explain in detail the role of confidentiality in the counselling/psychotherapy relationship. We treat everyone with the utmost respect and dignity.

How long does it take?

This varies from person to person. The duration can be anything from a few weeks to months or longer. You always have the choice of whether you continue with the process. You will be offered periodic reviews and it is important to remember that you can discuss finishing at any time.

How often do I attend?

It is necessary to attend at least once weekly this is the most common, it gives your therapist time to get to know you and it helps you when you begin to get in touch with your deeper feelings. At least you know if you are struggling you only have to wait seven days to see your therapist again.

How much does it cost?

There is a set fee and we have a number of reduced rates for lower incomes.

What else might I need to know?

Each session will take one hour and you will always see the same person this is very important as it allows a trusting safe and confidential relationship to build. In the first session the therapist will explain all the details of times, confidentiality, holidays, cancellations, etc and you will receive a copy of same to take home and read over. A copy can be obtained in advance by emailing me at ‘info@dublin-therapy.com ‘